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What if managing your money and feeling wealthy was easy?

Is this you?

:: You left the traditional 9 to 5 for something better. More freedom, more time, but it still feels like you are working for the man because your finances are dragging you down.

:: You are tired of all the online hype that makes you feel like you should be earning 6 figures a month instead of focusing on creating a sustainable financial model.

:: Entrepreneurship is your dream but finances are the shackles that bind you. You still don’t know how much to put away for taxes or slack months and the irregular income has you sweating every 1st of the month.

:: You want to know how much you should be spending on what in your business. Which investments are worthwhile and which are going to bleed you dry.

:: You want to map out clear goals on your finances but it feels like there is so much chaos to cut through that you abandon it all together.

:: It feels like you are either doing everything wrong in your business or backwards, while the debts continue to grow.


Here’s what life is like once you take off the rose-colored glasses:

:: You get super clear on your financial goals and breakdown how many sales and how much gross revenue you actually need to meet your bottom line.

:: Have financial fluency in your business and know exactly how much is coming in and going out every month. Automating EVERYTHING you can so you monitor most of your finances, instead of actively manage them day by day.

:: Save for the future in case you or your kids get sick, you have to move or you lose an income stream. You will be protected by the choices you make now.

:: Build multiple streams of revenue and income to diversify. Cut expenses, implement time saving tools and technology and outsource tasks that are not income producing activities.

:: Feel confident about what is going on behind the scenes of your business. That transparency is going to help you make choices that have integrity and support your overall goals and financial realities.

less than the cost of a dinner out for two.

This is the best gift to yourself and your family.

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I think that every woman, and especially every mother, wants, needs and deserves financial security. And it is my mission to help you do that.

Once upon a time that used to mean marrying a rich guy and making sure everything went to you in his will, but those days are long gone. A man is not a financial plan and women need to be in control of their own financial destiny.

For one thing, marriage is far from a sure thing with half ending in divorce, and there is no better financial security than making your own money and knowing that if for some reason it does fall apart, you know how to build it up again.

If you are the one making it, saving it, keeping it and investing it, it is much harder for anyone to take it away from you.

I made this program not to get rich quick but to make sure everyone can afford to do something substantial in taking control of their finances. That is the reason this program is priced at the insanely affordable rate of $29/month.


What’s Included:

  • A new micro-lesson delivered to your inbox every week focused on a specific bite sized aspect of your finances with simple actionable steps you can complete in no time. Plus, access to a library of resources on tackling specific financial issues beginning with debt reduction so you can get a clear picture of what is standing in the way and make a plan to clear it.
  • A chance to ask deeper questions and get guidance during our weekly live group zoom.
  • Membership to the fierce wolfpack of paid subscribers inside FB to grow your client and support network of like-minded female entrepreneurs.
  • An opportunity to share your services + offerings as they relate to the topic of money and empowerment to our growing and targeted audience via weekly BLABs and in our FB Group.
  • Accountability partners for money challenges and for the weekly program within the FB Group.
  • Access to all of my templates and tools to help you to become financially free.
  • A free 30 minute call with Jen to kickstart your own personal financial revolution. These calls are only available to MMM members.


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Hang on, not sure if this is for you?
:: If you want woo-woo guru inspiration without action, don’t sign up. This group is about talking yes, but also taking small significant actions every month that will compound into a solid financial system.

:: No crystal balls or predictions here either. If you get honest and face the real financial concerns and confusion you have, you can create a path to freedom for you and your family.

:: Show up and don’t give up. The support is here on many levels and you will not find this anywhere else at this price point.

“Jen Turrell has helped take the fear out of my finances. I have six figures of student loan debt and occasionally feel like I’m drowning with no way out. Every time I talk with her she manages me to help me feel like I can breathe again. She is the kindest, most supportive, non-judgmental person I know. I feel completely comfortable telling her about my financial situation knowing that not only will she help me see the light at the end of the tunnel, she won’t make me feel terrible.

Her monthly membership program is a must-have in my life and her approach to finances makes everything simple and, more importantly, DOABLE. She really is a financial personal trainer – she’s there to spot you, to check in with you, and to gently push you when the time is right. I can’t imagine my life without her!”

Kristl Yuen–

“I had a fantastic meeting yesterday with our lovely Jen Turrell. I’m telling you this gal knows her stuff. Before meeting with her my story was: “I am having money anxiety” And now my story is: “I am actually doing way better than I thought, I’m okay!”

Jen gave me loads of resources on how to lower interest rates, find the perfect travel card so I can do more of what I love for free (which is travel to beautiful places!), and she gave me some ideas of how to generate even more profit doing work that I love. Ladies, if you need some PRACTICAL advice on the day to day money management of your business and life, you need to talk with Jen. Either you will feel affirmed that you are doing a good job, or you’ll open your eyes to what needs to happen to get you on track. Money is power- do NOT give it by having your head in the clouds. It’s TOOO important!”

Desha Peacock– Sweet Spot Style

These are results from clients who once felt the same way you do about money.

Mastering Money Matters can change your relationships with your finances, taking you from feeling like you’re terrible at managing money, to feeling wealthy and excited about what you can do with your money.

I won’t just tell you what to do. I want to empower you with a deep understanding of your finances and the confidence to make your own financial decisions.

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Jen Turrell
Jen Turrell

As a financial personal trainer, Jen Turrell supports female entrepreneurs and self-employed women take control of their money, so it doesn’t control them. With 15 years of hard-earned entrepreneurial experience, Jen has owned/run businesses in industries as diverse as agriculture, music and special needs caregiving technology and finance. In 2010, her oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism. So Jen dove into the world of special needs finance headfirst and started running an early intervention program for first her older and then her younger daughter too once they were both diagnosed with autism. Jen is busy and driven, and she’s found a system that works: designing and automating cash flow systems for home and business. Visit Jen at

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Setting Money Goals
Financial Goal Setting Workbook
Financial Goal Setting Worksheets
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Debt Reduction Lab
Welcome Video
Debt Reduction Workbook
Debt Reduction Worksheets
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Treasure Hunt Lab
Treasure Hunt Welcome Video
Treasure Hunt Workbook
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Automation Lab
Automation Welcome Video
Automation Workbook
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No Cashflow, No Problem Lab
No Cashflow, No Problem Welcome Video
No Cashflow, No Problem Workbook
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Build Your Money Team
Build Your Money Team Workbook
Build Your Money Team Worksheets
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Setting Up a System to Reach Your Goals
Setting Up a System to Reach Your Goals - Workbook
Setting Up a System to Reach Your Goals - Worksheets
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