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Introducing the Financial Foundations Bundle:

Get nuts and bolts advice about how to set up financial systems to pay off debt, build up savings, set and reach financial goals.

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  • Three lessons to help you regain control of money
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How much of a badass would you feel like if you knew your credit card debt is paid off in full every month? Would you feel empowered if you could pay off your mortgage a few years early?

I want you to step into this vision, to feel what it would be like to capitalize and save, to feel the confidence that you did this thing for yourself.

There’s legwork up front, and it will take effort, but once you get automation in place and procedures in order, your struggles will vanish. Instead, you’ll finally start looking at money as an opportunity to build your future.

With these lessons, we’ll turn your money management into monitoring systems. And we’ll start wherever you are, put out the fires, and work towards systems – like the one I personally use – to help you amass the wealth you want in your life.

Jen Turrell

As a financial personal trainer, Jen Turrell supports female entrepreneurs and self-employed women take control of their money, so it doesn’t control them. With 15 years of hard-earned entrepreneurial experience, Jen has owned/run businesses in industries as diverse as agriculture, music and special needs caregiving technology and finance. In 2010, her oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism. So Jen dove into the world of special needs finance headfirst and started running an early intervention program for first her older and then her younger daughter too once they were both diagnosed with autism. Jen is busy and driven, and she’s found a system that works: designing and automating cash flow systems for home and business. Visit Jen at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Debt Reduction

    • Debt Reduction

    • Debt Reduction Workbook

    • Debt Reduction Lab Worksheets

  • 2

    Treasure Hunt

    • Treasure Hunt

    • Treasure Hunt Workbook

    • Treasure Hunt Worksheets

  • 3

    Automate Your Financial Life

    • Automate Your Financial Life

    • Automation Workbook

    • Automation Worksheets